Are you scaling your problems as you scale your business?

If you answered: "Yes" , keep reading.


Your job is to serve your clients, right? To make an impact in your industry? The only thing between you and TIDAL WAVES of that impact... is organization.


Organization of your time, money & mind.


And that's exactly what we do together.

I take my role as your coach very seriously because when women make more money doing what they love, the whole world benefits.

Being a masterful CEO is about 3 things:
Time. Money. & Mindset.

The best place to get those results is inside Happyning Sessions. 

It's my 6-month intimate group coaching container, where I mentor you weekly. Together, we'll separate out the facts of your business, from your story about it.

And once we do that? Your goals become inevitable.

You'll master three simple processes: scheduling, budgeting, and the self-coaching model. And then you'll use them for the rest of your life.

This is a hybrid of Life & Business Coaching.

And trust me, you need both.

Because being a Masterful CEO requires you to own it all.

Both the emotions and the numbers.

Both the mindset and the strategy.

This duality is what allows my clients to grow their business without sacrificing their sanity in the process.

In these six months, 15 CEOs will come and get what they came for

Luxurious amounts of time, money & calm.

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This 6-month coaching container is for you if you're constantly saying "there's never enough time to get it all done". You'll learn meticulous scheduling, swapping out your To Do Lists for a calendar that matches your core values and yields massive results.

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This is for you if you make your money decisions emotionally. You may know how to earn, but have no system for spending, saving & investing. You want to stop "closing your eyes and crossing your fingers" for good.

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Mind Drama

Business isn't personal, but it IS emotional. Do you find yourself seeking the approval of your clients/team instead of powerfully leading them? Let's replace your People Pleasing with Policies.

This program is so successful that we put a Money Back Guarantee on it!

Here's what my 

Happyning Sessions Alumni 

 are saying... 

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Natasha Courtenay-Smith
CEO of Bolt Digital

I started working with Jessica at a highly stressful time in my business and personal life. She is relentless in her focus on the things that matter, namely that actual circumstances are irrelevant in terms of your reaction to them and the ultimate results you get. I have worked with Jess for 6 months and will be continuing working with her. Personally, I think Jess is such a great coach. She should double her prices immediately as that is the value you get (and more!)

Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 7.24.17 PM.png

Melissa Miracolo
Owner of Boudoir by Melissa M

Investing in Jess as your coach is one of the best decisions you can make for your self, your business and your life. She completely rewires your brain. Before this, I constantly felt like I never had enough time in the day. I was always distracted and overwhelmed with my never-ending To Do List. Now I schedule everything and my mentality is that I have all the time in the world! For anyone on the fence who is scared to make this investment, I get it. But there is a reason a Bentley costs what it does. The value matches. We just finished Q1 and I'm already tracking to 4x my annual revenue from last year. I'm on my second round of coaching and can no longer imagine life without it. 

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Danielle Williams
Founder & CEO of Good InTents

I just quit my high-paying Engineering job!!! To focus full time on my company and create the big and beautiful future I want! I would not be here today without the tools Jess taught me and I am so grateful. Scheduling gave me the clarity to see working at my current position did not give me enough time to work on my dream and gave me the confidence to know I can plan for and create the results I want. Budgeting let me get in charge of my finances and plan for this financial change. And all of the mindset work and Happster mantras empowered me to trust myself and deal with all of the big emotions that come up with a big change like this. I am SO EXCITED to fulfill my purpose and want to send my deepest thanks for the impact Happyning Sessions made in my life!!! Thank you!!!

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Meet Your Coach!

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I'm Jess

Struggling single mama turned Masterful CEO & Coach.


I love finding ways to make more money & time and when I do - I turn my findings into curriculum & teach other women how to do the same - but quicker.


I leap before the net appears, and I love a good challenge. I want to show women of all backgrounds that their past doesn't dictate their future.


Let's go.

Enrollment for the Happyning Sessions is currently closed.
The March 2023 enrollment will be in November!

Curious if this coaching is a fit?