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I used to be a Happiness Scientist. I know, right? What a dream job. You want to know the secret to how I got it? I created it.


Promptly after earning my fancy degree from Northeastern University I felt overwhelmed.


I had graduated in 2011 just after the economy crashed and the jobs I originally longed for at the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) were no longer available. Everyone I knew was either doubling down on their student debt in Grad School or taking a year to travel. I was a global and backyard traveler with a love of language, a thirst for knowledge... and exactly $536 in my bank account. So I thought, why not apply my skill set to a job in South America where I can maintain my Spanish fluency and travel a bit WHILE building some identity capital?


I managed a Youth Hostel in Arequipa, Peru where I met travelers from all over the world. The conversation was everything. I have an uncanny gift for getting to know people REALLY WELL the first time we meet and it was never more useful than here. I listened while people told me what they were seeking, escaping and hoping to experience. Oddly, no matter their nationality, the conversations had consistencies. People were here for MORE. More happiness, more purpose and more clarity. As a product of the global information age, these millennials had OPTIONS GALORE. But with options comes more decisions and less clarity.


Carving out our own custom path is both limitless and daunting. Everyone I met had more potential, education, skills, and resources than previous generations did and yet ZERO clue what to do with it.

When I moved back from Peru, I decided to start a blog, creating Happiness Experiments based on what others thought would make them happy. That evolved into 1-on-1 strategy sessions and Group Accountability Challenges. I inhaled Personal Development books and committed to studying Life Coaching under Brooke Castillo in Scholars at The Life Coach School.

Now, after working with over 100 clients I have narrowed down my coaching process to 4 basic Mind Management tools that help women business owners do the following:


Navigate endless options & make decisions quickly

Recognize "overwhelm and anxiety" as optional emotions

Use their thoughts and emotions as fuel for their business

Create an action plan & follow through on it

Are you looking for YOUR map?

Let's talk.

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carla testimonial pic.jpg

Carla P.
Florist & Owner of 
Garden of Eden Flowers

“I can't put into words all the amazing things Jess has done to make my life incredibly better. My business would still be in utter chaos if I didn’t use the Scheduling and Budgeting tools she taught me. I’ve been able to hire multiple staff members and raise my prices thanks to her coaching. She has helped me create structure, implement policies and create a smooth operating machine for my business. But what about all the other things?! Like overall happiness and all of the personal development, she’s introduced me to? I wont even get into the fitness and health coaching. In personal development, The Model has given me the power to literally be in control of every situation in my life if I so choose. Amazing! I’ve been working with Jess for almost 2 years now and I can't even imagine where I’d be without her. I have no regrets!”

jess t testimonial pic.jpg

Jessica T.
Financial Advisor

testimonial pic juliana r.jpg

Juliana R.
Full Time Mom & Etsy Shop Owner

All of the Brain Candy calls in Happyning Sessions are always exactly what I need to hear. I’m still getting used to using The Model for sure, but it’s been a game changer. I feel so much less overwhelmed and discouraged after coaching with Jess and always see things from a new way - especially when it comes to relationships. I’m so grateful Jess created this coaching membership that is actually in my budget. Best money I spend every month. I’m pretty sure you have a lifetime member of Happyning Sessions!!

rachel testimonial pic_edited.png

Rachel M.
Freelance Copywriter

It's crazy, as a freelancer I always thought I knew what I had to do. But in actuality, when I tried to plan out what I needed to do for my business on my own, I would get overwhelmed and procrastinate. When I go over it with Jess - it all becomes so clear, simple and actionable. After my 1on1 sessions I can just follow the plan!

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at

Helen E.
Creator of Back2Bliss: Back Pain Protocol

Working with Jess has been very enlightening and allowed me to process my thoughts and feelings around the work I am excited to do. Sometimes after we get off the phone, I have a good ugly cry - but then check out my notes, process the call, and get her follow up emails and all I can do is sit here and smile. 1on1 Coaching with Jess gave me the confidence I needed to create my own Back Pain Protocol from scratch. After our calls, my energy is more renewed and I am in a better place to chip away at the work, even through the craziness of having 2 (soon to be 3) kids and 3 businesses! I’m so grateful I invested in our sessions and really, in myself. 

Since working with Jess, I’ve gone from months where I made negative money in my business, to breaking even to $7,000 to $8,000 in 4 consecutive months! 1on1 coaching with her has changed not only my business life, but my personal life too. She has an amazing ability to help me work through the mental clutter, hold me accountable and inspires me with grace and compassion. Seriously, I look back at who I was 13 months ago and I'm like damn. I know I have a long transformation ahead of me and I'm so grateful to have Jess in my life.

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