Growth Categories

A truly happy life requires balance.

Part of the reason that being a twenty something is so terribly overwhelming is that you are supposed to change and grow at such a rapid pace and simultaneously maintain your balance. In order to make this whole “adulting” process more meaningful, I decided that a little organization was in order. (See what I did there?)

Below are the brief descriptions of 12 areas that I consider equally weighted when it comes to a balanced and happy life:

1. Identity & Purpose- Identifying our strengths and weaknesses, and defining our purpose is definitely step 1 to the foundation of our success and happiness. If you can do this in your twenties, you are way ahead of the game.
2. Body- “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” Not to mention, you’re not getting any younger. Warning: improving your body will boost your happiness. Let’s stop making excuses and start here. Want to join my accountability team? E-mail me at!
3. Career & Money- If you are in your twenties (more specifically, your early twenties) chances are good you are what Suze Orman would call “young, fabulous and broke.” Here we will look to experts for advice on how to put our talents to good use in the real world. Controversially, we’ll also look at the ways in which money can buy happiness.
4. Family & Friends- Our relationships with our family and friends change more through our twenties than any other time. Our parents start to see us as adults (hopefully) and we (hopefully) gain independence from them and thanks to them. True friends begin to show as our childhood and college friendships may lose some of their convenience. Here we try to maximize the happiness we get from these relationships by using our time and energy wisely.
5. Love & Sex- Some people think that finding love and experimenting with sex is pretty much the purpose of our twenties. I don’t necessarily disagree with them. Let’s take lots of time exploring this arena of happiness, shall we?
6. Spirit- This is the most personal happiness journey and one that I have yet to fully grasp. Here we will not discuss right or wrong but explore the importance of faith in something other than ourselves.
7. Habits- Happiness is a choice. But habits, are not choices. According to Gretchen Rubin, “With habits we don’t make decisions, we don’t use self-control, we just do the thing we want.” Old habits die hard and this is why it is so important to create good and break bad habits in our twenties. These habits do half of the work in shaping a happy life.
8. Attitude & Gratitude- . Choosing to be happy is just another way of saying choosing to be positive and grateful. Let’s set up a system to methodically get ourselves to these states of mind when we’re young. If we can consistently conquer that task, our future is bound to be bright!
9. Knowledge & Perspective- Part I: Just because school might be over, doesn’t mean learning has to be. Here we will explore the happiness benefits of mastery and growth.

Part II: In the already confusing transition into adulthood we are expected to now have our own opinions. Making a conscious choice to learn and balance our perspective is our responsibility and I believe that having sound core values attributes greatly to our happiness.
10. Home & Organization- Since you spend more time at home than anywhere else, its important to make it your happy place. A little organization goes a long way at home and in daily activities. Let’s look to our organization gurus for tips on how to gain clarity in our hectic lives.
11. Passion Projects- With work, family, love and friends, it’s important to find time for personal projects. Here is where we can really accomplish something to be proud of. Let’s make a bucket list and work towards our personal missions.
12. Community & Giving Back- Working on ourselves can bring us great happiness but nothing brings a deeper satisfaction than giving back. Let’s explore our passions and contribute to our community in a positive way.