9 Ways To Reset A Bad Day (All By Yourself!)

This past week, I had two mornings in a row where I woke up and was immediately bombarded with distractions, unexpected issues, bad moods, and stressful interactions. I just felt “off” and was in no mood to write about positivity.

Sorry. It just wasn’t gonna happen.

So I did what I always do? I picked up my phone and (more…)

Family & Friends Experiment #2: Keeping It Fresh with Long Distance Friends

Does your bestie live in another state? How about a friend in another COUNTRY? Chances are good you have some sort of family or friend who doesn’t live in your town. Well, I’m wondering… how do you keep in touch?

As new social media and communication platforms continue to explode onto the scene, we have adapted and changed the ways that we communicate with our friends. We “snap our story” instead of reaching out, text instead of call, skype instead of write letters, facetime instead of go over to a friend’s house. All in all, it has become more convenient to stay “in touch”.

Naturally, this caused a shift. People now (more…)