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20 Body Habits You’ll Wish You Started In Your 20’s

1. Improve your posture There is nothing more terrifying to me than seeing an elderly person who is completely with it mentally, but hunched over


My assumptions based on your posture Left: This dude is lazy. Center: Probably makes a decent living and is good in bed. Right: Definitely a fetishist… and not in a good way.

so badly that their friendly banter has been limited to how nice your shoes are. Unfortunately, genetics do play a factor here, but there are lots of things we can do to maintain a good posture, and it all starts in our twenties. If you are not a ballerina, opera singer, or horseback rider you should read this list of 9 Ways To Improve Your Posture, like now.



2. Wear sunscreen & avoid overexposure to sun To some, this habit is something that

For the love of God, do not go to tanning salons.

For the love of God, do not go to tanning salons.

you only pay attention to on vacation, but (more…)

Body Experiment #1: Conquer Food Labels

Food labels are a b*tch. It’s not your fault if, like me, the more effort you put into making healthy choices at the grocery store, the more confused you get. Do you actually know the difference between organic and non-organic produce? Have you ever bought and enjoyed what you thought was a healthy snack, only to find out that it wasn’t as healthy as you thought? The simplest option would be to cut out packaged food altogether and grow everything we eat… but I don’t really see my husband and I leaving Miami for livestock and a farm. Plus, I have a weakness for Toaster Strudel.

So, if you’re like me and weren’t blessed with a green thumb or Old McDonald as a parent (more…)

Tuesday Teacher Feature: Rebecca Manning

Rebecca Manning

Fitness Instructor /Trainer/Triathlete

Happy Food: Sushi

Happy Workout: Beach Volleyball

1) What was your body like in your twenties? What body advice would you give your twentysomething self if you could go back in time? Is there anything that you wish you did when you were younger?

I never thought about having a beach body. I was a college volleyball player, always loved exercise for both the health benefit and for competition.  Being fit was just a bonus. My family has always struggled with their weight, so I was conscious of it at the high school age. My mom was an exerciser during a time when (more…)

Inspiration Collection (Body Month)

When you’re in the grind of working out and eating healthy it’s easy to feel discouraged. It’s easy to justify sleeping in instead of going to the gym, or having bread instead of salad. Lucky for you, there are tons of books, movies, songs and experts to help you stay on track. Here is a collection of my top picks to keep you motivated through Body Month! Enjoy!

Body Reads

  • This article on the pros and cons of the time of day you do your work outs
  • This article on the effects one can of soda a day can have on your body
  • The Body Book by Cameron Diaz. We know that Cameron Diaz has a sexy body, but did you know that she can also explain what Lactobacillus acidophilus is? It’s ridiculous how much I didn’t know about my own body. This book should be a mandatory read in school.