Here at What’s Happyning?, you will find purposeful happiness experiments, snippets of my happiness journey, inspirational quotes, links and videos, tips to identify “happstacles”, gurus and experts, brainfood for hungry young adults, relatable advice from our elders, and much more!
Explore the site, spark a new interest, ask the important questions (comment below a post or email me at whatshappyning@gmail.com), seek out your gurus, and make strides while you’re young! It is not selfish to experiment in your twenties. On the contrary, I believe it is your responsibility to experiment with purpose NOW, so that you can build a happy life on the foundation of your conclusions.

What’s Happyning? offers up practical experiments for young adults (and twenty-somethings, in particular) who are looking for a more practical and purpose-driven approach to growing up and finding happiness.

After graduating college, and even before then, I was in constant search for advice:
• How do I land the career of my dreams when I lack the experience?
• How can I make my apartment feel like home?
• How do I travel the world and still keep my boyfriend?
• How the hell do you use bleach?
I stocked my bookshelf with the Self Help and Happiness classics, like The Happiness Project and Eat, Pray, Love. While I drooled over their epic stories, I still felt a bit stranded. The gurus were all 10-20 years my senior and aimed to fit happiness into the life they had already built (and in some cases already destroyed). The authors were searching for happiness POST-career, kids, marriage, divorce, hobbies, home, life. Of course I wanted these things, but I was merely at Step 1. I didn’t relate to much of their advice, which seemed consistently aimed at housewives or business professionals going through a midlife crisis of sorts.

I had heard the expression “Youth is Wasted on the Young” but now I see why. Society seems to think that twenty-somethings are either unwilling or unprepared to listen to their advice. The result? A generation wandering around, waiting for real life to start. When? In our thirties? In order to have the life we want in our thirties and beyond, we must lay the foundation in our twenties.

…so, I set out to write the very book I wanted to read. This blog is a collection of my findings thus far.