Organizing aka “Agonizing Fun” – The Missing Ingredient To Your Happiness

Today I woke up excited. Not because it was my birthday. Not because I had plans with friends… but because I had some agonizing fun planned: ORGANIZING!

Let me back up a sec and explain.

Lots of people wonder why happiness doesn’t seem to be sustainable. They flip through their mental index of the fun activities that make them happy. For me those might include:

+ Episodes of Broad City
+ Dates with my husband
+ Walking around a new, international city
+ Chocolate


But, you see the fatal flaw, right? If I want (more…)

Happy Home & Organization Month!

Home & Organization……… or in other words… a time and a place.

This month I want to dive into the intangible and tangible happiness we find daily in our home and organization. Your twenties are a beautiful time to master your routine, start your own traditions, and create your own sense of “home”.

I hear fellow twentysomethings bemoaning (more…)