Inspiration Collection (Body Month)

When you’re in the grind of working out and eating healthy it’s easy to feel discouraged. It’s easy to justify sleeping in instead of going to the gym, or having bread instead of salad. Lucky for you, there are tons of books, movies, songs and experts to help you stay on track. Here is a collection of my top picks to keep you motivated through Body Month! Enjoy!

Body Reads

  • This article on the pros and cons of the time of day you do your work outs
  • This article on the effects one can of soda a day can have on your body
  • The Body Book by Cameron Diaz. We know that Cameron Diaz has a sexy body, but did you know that she can also explain what Lactobacillus acidophilus is? It’s ridiculous how much I didn’t know about my own body. This book should be a mandatory read in school.

Workout Tunes of the Week


  • Rocky – The movies can make a workout look epic. And the stairs scene in Rocky is the #1 training scene that comes to mind when I’m looking for motivation. But in real life, the glamor of working out is in the results. In real life, if you punched the air and jumped over benches you’d probably get some weird looks like this guy. But you might also get a hoard of kids to follow you? #whereareyourparents?
  • Step Up – You may laugh, but dancers know how hardcore of a workout dancing is. If the workout alone doesn’t motivate you maybe Channing Tatums abs will. Leading lady Jenna Dewan certainly found them motivating. This workout was so powerful that it actually led to their marriage.
  • Food Inc. – Warning: watching this movie may cause you to shudder at the thought of the grocery store. Disclaimer: I am still not a vegetarian. Still, this movie did motivate some very important changes in the way my husband and I look at food. We now read our labels, buy produce that is in season, and frequent the farmers market, even if it is 10 minutes further.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy – If you watch Parks & Recreation you know why this movie is a body motivator. Formerly chubby and now ab-clad star Chris Pratt credits his Half-Ironman training and quitting alcohol for his amazing body transformation.
  • Remember the Titans – If you don’t get the chills during Denzel’s epic speech on the midnight run through Gettysburg, you are dead inside. Props to any of you athletes who have ever done #twoadays or #threeaday practices.

My Body Gurus

  • Rebecca Manning (Ironman Triathlete, Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer) This convenient guru happens to be my Mom. But don’t let that soften your opinion of this fitness badass. It’s important to have a fitness guru that you have access to when you need motivation or have a question. My mom is an invaluable resource that will give me 6am wakeup calls and a training schedule for the week. If you don’t have an accountability partner already, find one! PS – Look out for her advice and insights in next Tuesday’s Teacher Feature!
  • Shaun T – Completing Shaun T’s famous Insanity Program is high up on my Body Bucketlist. While I have successfully done the workout for a month, I have not completed it. This is the way to go if you’re looking for incredible results in 60 days.
  • The Whole Tara – Bored of your recipes? Looking for fresh, interesting, healthy and delicious options? Tara is your girl. Check out her instagram feed @TheWholeTara if you’re in the mood to drool. Yum.
  • THIS GUY – Are you kidding me? His powerful speech aside, this video shows the difference between Day 1 and EXPERT in your fitness arena. Now go out there and get Day 1 over with!!!