The Jar of Spontaneity

One of the perks of being a waitress at an affordable, internationally-known, hole-in-the-wall kinda joint… is the opportunity to meet ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE.

A heavily intoxicated, old telenovela star who asked me several times if I knew who he was and if I wanted a picture with him... finally I conceded.

A heavily intoxicated, old telenovela star who asked me several times if I knew who he was and if I wanted a picture with him… finally I conceded.


I’ve met celebrities and writers and dignitaries and homeless people and sports players and government officials and hillbillies and backpackers and of course, the only other person on this earth who has an irrational fear of butter.

Yep. We finally met.


It only clicked in my last few months of working there, that (more…)

Intro to Passions & Projects Month!

You hit your twenties and all of a sudden you’re an adult. What does that mean? Your focus is supposed to shift. You’re supposed to be less selfish and more focused on your responsibilities – your career or starting your own family. You conclude “It’s time to put my “silly hobbies” on the backburner.” greysanatomy

…. But will that lead to happiness?

at Sean Parker's Celebration of Music on September 22, 2011 in San Francisco, California.

CEOs Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker playing hard with Snoop Dog (Lion)

The happy “adults” that I speak to, take pride in their ability to not just work hard but PLAY hard too. They have a knack for carving out time for the little things they REALLY enjoy. The little pleasures that maybe aren’t their PURPOSE for living, but collectively, give their burrito of life just enough hot sauce to make you want another damn burrito. (I’m realizing this metaphor could be lost on people who are not fans of Mexican food, but you get the gist.)


So, where do we begin? Should we just start booking every groupon that peaks our interest? I admit that does sound like an exciting experiment, albeit an expensive one – but I do have some ideas on how you can discover and prioritize your passion projects without squandering your most PRECIOUS and VALUABLE resource. And I don’t mean your money. I mean your TIME!


What to expect in “Passions & Projects Month”:

  • I’ll disprove your theory that you “don’t have the time” to do something you want to do and we’ll carve out your Passion Hour(s)
  • How To Create an Authentic Bucketlist
  • How to Identify Your Passions
  • What’s the POINT? Expert Enough.
  • More Doing. Less Consuming. (Learning and Doing, not Playing and Watching)
  • The Correlation Between Fear & Passion
  • The Jar of Spontaneity


If you’ve been told that you need to “get your priorities in order” once becoming an adult – that’s sound advice. We all should. But, based on WHOSE values? Society’s? Your mom’s? Or yours? I am CERTAIN that your passion for your projects will spill over into other areas of your life… in a good way. #Letsdothis

Organizing aka “Agonizing Fun” – The Missing Ingredient To Your Happiness

Today I woke up excited. Not because it was my birthday. Not because I had plans with friends… but because I had some agonizing fun planned: ORGANIZING!

Let me back up a sec and explain.

Lots of people wonder why happiness doesn’t seem to be sustainable. They flip through their mental index of the fun activities that make them happy. For me those might include:

+ Episodes of Broad City
+ Dates with my husband
+ Walking around a new, international city
+ Chocolate


But, you see the fatal flaw, right? If I want (more…)